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Sports Injury

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Our personalised approach to care is designed to help achieve excellent outcomes. The team are aware that each person’s rehabilitation after surgery is a different experience, and everybody has different goals to strive for.

At Kogarah Physiotherapy, the team will take time to thoroughly assess your condition following your surgery. This will involve analysing your function and range of joint motion, strength and levels of pain, as well as a thorough physical examination. Our therapists like to take into consideration your previous levels of function, sporting abilities and activities, so that we can tailor an individualised programme to help you meet your rehabilitation goals.

Physical Therapy

The frequency of physiotherapy attendance following your surgery depends on the type of surgery you have had, and your physiotherapist will discuss this with you and with your specialist. This could mean that the team will strive to see you on a regular weekly basis in the earlier stages of your recovery in order to make sure that your rehabilitation is progressing well and that the programme is meeting your needs.

Our physiotherapists will be in close communication with your surgeon following your surgery, this is important to aid rehabilitation and to ensure that your recovery back to full health and fitness is as smooth as possible.

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