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A multi-disciplinary team promoting healthy lifestyles allowing you to recover faster and perform better.

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Kogarah Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic, established in 1987, prides itself on being recognised as a premier physiotherapy provider in the St George community. 

Our Approach
Our physiotherapists take the time to assess your entire body and how it functions as a whole. We see various musculoskeletal, spinal and sports injuries, ranging from the acute sprain or strain, to the more chronic, complex conditions.

We provide

- One-on-one consultations

- Hands-on manual therapy

- Functional exercise rehabilitation to retrain correct movement patterns

- Focused, individualised patient care

- Evidence based management

Our physiotherapists consistently undergo additional training to bridge the gap between evidence based practice and clinical expertise. They possess the collaborative approach required to make an accurate diagnosis following a thorough assessment.

Our team will work with you to determine causes and develop a comprehensive treatment plan to promote self-management strategies through an easy to follow, graded home exercise program that provides you with the highest quality care for your recovery.

For further information, or to make an appointment with one of our practitioners, please contact 02 9587 9130 or book online.

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